Friday, November 20, 2015

Help from your selve is a improtant value.

This has been a hard working week given the fact it's about the week before break.  But all through the work of struggles has been mistakes.  One mistake was when writing upon the essay for humanities.  Through that time was alright.  But the mistake goes into what happened upon Wednesday night.  It appears when I decided to get critiques on my paper from my parents it just so happens that I had a lot of errors upon the essay.  I took a look at it and they were right, it appears that most of my sentences didn't flow well meaning it didn't make quite sense when reading it.  I notice these mistakes, but when i got it critique by a peers in class it wasn't so much.  The  mistake being that I didn't quit critique myself.  I didn't read over my essay, which is something you should do because when reading out loud to yourself can help you see the details in your writing.  So I learn that you not only just need critiques upon peers, but from yourself, to grow I'm thinking and checking my writing so that I don't have to edit my essay at night before bed.

Monday, November 9, 2015

A Mistake That Yet Returns.

The biggest mistake in the week has to be doing with this blog.  The thing is that this blog post was suppose to be done today on monday.  But here's what happened, on friday I had collage day where my advisory went to UCSD for the entire day.  I got caught up with all of that I simply forgot to check my weekly planner.  So I forgot to do it over the weekend.  It's similar to what I said on "Work Hard than Play Hard".  But here I simply forgot that I had work to do over the weekend.  So that was my mistake and from learning from I'll improve more on both topics, as it looks I didn't meet my goal from last weeks blog post.  But success is made up ion tiny mistakes so I'm still learning.  Learning to that to the end of fun times their has to work times in which to get other work done.  So I hope from this mistake I'll truly learn from it to not let something like happened again. For the third time.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Work hard than Play hard


The past weeks were not a big struggle, it was pretty fun.  We had field trips and on average I was able to finish my work.  The problem I come across begin at the end of the week.  Over the weekend we were assigned to type a lament  which is a passionate expression in a writing piece for physics & engineering.  Through the class time I had trouble coming with an idea. I than got an idea and started writing it on paper but I didn't complete it. So I got delay and to finish the lament on the weekend.  I had to have a full typed up lament due Monday morning.  So when I got home I was gonna go to the computer, but my brother's friends were their all day and they hogged up the computer I thought no big deal I can do it tomorrow.  But tomorrow I decide to take a break from everything, just relax and have my down time because I need that every so often.  Couldn't do it yesterday as their were screaming children running around.  So Saturday I skip to do the lament.  On Sunday I was planning to do the lament, but for some reason I waited until last minute.  What I mean by that is that I did late at night after dinner.  Like what my brother's do when they get homework.  So I was able to finish it on a little late than usual then my brother's did when they finished.  So my mistake was simple I procrastinated over the weekend and was barley able to do my work on time.  So I learned from my experience, my mistake.  So now I grown into working everything first. So now on the weekdays and the weekends I will finish any work I didn't finish at school when I get home, to do it right away making it the first task I do when I get home. Not later now, you have work hard than play hard. It's just thought I had the whole weekend I could do it later.  But it's best to do things right away.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Quality pace, Quality work

Through the last two weeks have been big.  A lot has had to be done.  I had to finish a concept card physics & engineering and three graphic art pieces done on photoshop, given an artist statement with each one in Humanities.  The problem was I had to turn in the concept card late, because during the time I was working on a demonstration piece for the project.  And it appears that my partner didn't send in the first draft of the concept card.  So the first draft was due on a monday, so we turn it in on a wednesday and the final draft was due on that same friday.  During through that time I had trouble in making my graphic art pieces.  For the first piece I had trouble coming up with a quote as we were to based the pieces based on a quote.  I was able to come up with the quotes giving me a learning experience to not overthink things.  I tend to be doing that which buys up most of my time.  So when I got the first piece done I then quickly made the other two in a few days.  We got to have enough class time to revise my concept card.  The final  piece turn to a success, I found success through time I tried to quickly finish everything due to the mistakes I made spending more time thinking about it than doing it.  The mistakes I made was over thinking and over doing most of my work, I learn from them saying to myself not to make things big it can be small and simple.  Now I've grown to which I learn that you can't do anything all at once it's best to have quality work at a steady pace.  Don't just get a result make it a success.
You can check the pieces out with this link:

Monday, October 5, 2015


There was one thing that I have struggled with that was big for all weeks.  It was prestation for the class.  When we were going on tuesday 9/8.  We were not prepared.  So it got worrisome when presenting, so it didn't go so well people could tell that I was worried to speak.  So we didn't gave a great presentation as we didn't get to finish it as we were given an opportunity to present again the next day.  The next day we took the class time to practice on are presentations.  We rehearsed  it one or twice just to give the feel for it.  Now we were prepared we were able to give a full presentation and it turn out to be one of the greats.   So now I am a lot more comfortable doing presentations like that.  All I need was couple of notes for the next one.  So I would say from this week I grew in my presentation skills.

Friday, August 28, 2015


First week of class we learn to take progress.  To learn that we can succeed by making mistakes and learning from those mistakes to grow and succeed.  During the week we started out by learning each other names.  At the start I know no ones name and when got the name wrong we tally are mistake.  For intends, my mistake was that I didn't know much of everyone's name, so would either guess someone's name or get the name right it was the wrong person. We went at this to see improvement.  Starting to not knowing anybodys name to knowing almost everybody's name.  So here we made mistakes then knowing are mistakes we learn from them to grow.  To grow to succeed and to grow grow from are mistakes as we learn that we may not get everything on the first try.